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6 Ways of Treating Natural Faces

Having clean, beautiful, and healthy skin is certainly every woman's dream. Reasonable indeed, because the skin is cleanly groomed will greatly support the appearance and increase the confidence.
Many are willing to perform routine maintenance from the natural to a spend hundreds of millions. Problem budget is certainly a constraint for some people. 
6 Ways of Treating Natural Faces

However, you do not need to worry, because there are still many ways to treat a more natural and affordable face to get a beautiful facial skin / body maintained.

1. Always do facials, and scrubs
The first step that must be practiced if you want to have beautiful facial skin is to regularly perform facials or scrubs.
Scrub is very useful to remove dirt and dead skin cells that accumulate, while facials have various uses, ranging from smoothing, brightening, until rejuvenating the skin.

For the body, do not be lazy to routinely do lulur at least every 2 weeks. Scrub is useful for removing dead skin cells and dirt / dirt left on the skin. You can also make your own scrubs using natural ingredients such as coffee, oatmeal, and lime.

2. Drink a lot of water
Water has enormous benefits for skin beauty, you know. Lack of drinking water not only triggers dehydration in the body, but also causes the skin becomes dull and wrinkled. From now on, try to drink enough water. If necessary, bring a drinking water bottle wherever you go. Therefore, drinking water is one way to take care of the cheapest face and you can do every day.

3. Exercising
Improving the health of heart function, muscle tightening, and burning calories are the benefits we can get from exercising. Well, for you who want to have beautiful and healthy facial skin, do not be lazy to exercise regularly, at least twice a week.

Exercise consistently makes the blood flow more smoothly, so it will automatically make the skin more healthy and shine.

4. Choose healthy food
If you want to have beautiful skin and healthy, from now consider the food you consume. Avoid eating foods that are too sweet, salty, or contain dyes. Instead, increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables, milk, cheese, and other foods rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals. Nuts and fresh fish / meat is also a very good intake for the skin.

Bananas, pomegranates, and dragon fruit are three of the many fruits with high antioxidant content that is very good for the skin.

5. Avoid Cigarettes and Alcohol
Alcohol and cigarettes contain certain chemical compounds that are bad for the health of skin and face. No wonder those who are familiar with cigarettes and alcohol usually have dull skin. Well, as much as possible away from cigarette smoke and alcohol in order to get a beautiful skin and healthy as you wish.

6. Consumption of Vitamin E
In order to get a beautiful and healthy skin quickly succeed, and also by taking a special skin supplements in the form of vitamin E which contains antioxidants that are sold in many pharmacies or drug stores. In addition to helping repair damaged skin cells and replace them with new ones, vitamin E is also useful in warding off free radicals that enter the body.

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